September 20, 2013

Things we love... Pitchfork Media

Like you probably all know by now, we like music and especially discovering new bands. Pitchfork Media, or simply Pitchfork, is perfect for this. It’s a website were you’ll find a lot of reviews, music criticism, music news and interviews with artists and bands.

Pitchfork also provides you with best-of lists in every music genre and every year, they give you a list with the best singles and albums of that year.

Ryan Schreiber created Turntable in 1995. At the beginning, he updated the site monthly with interviews and reviews of independent music. In May 1996, they wanted to become even more popular and started updating the site daily and renamed it Pitchfork, as a reference to Tony Montana's Tattoo in Scarface.
At the beginning, the site's focus was independent music and especially indie rock, but now the range of musical genres extends to pop, hip-hop, heavy metal, electronic dance music and so on.

The site also provides a music player at which you can listen to a lot of new songs, as was as old, reviewed songs. And the best thing: it's all for free!

On July 29 and 30 2006, Pitchfork Music Festival premiered in the Chicago's Union Park. More than 40 bands performed. In 2007, the festival added a third day and since 2011, there's a winter edition in Paris. Just as the site itself, the strength of this festivals is their variety in musical genres, attracting people from all over the world.
Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 - Chicago
Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 - Paris
You should really check it out:

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