September 25, 2013

One dress, three ways to wear it!

So I bought this dress a year ago and quite a long time it was just laying in my closet since it is quite short and really really fitting and I gained some kilos in the past year. But today I thought "screw it, I'm gonna wear it, and I'm gonna feel great in it!" And I did. I wore the second version with the sweater over it, because it wasn't that warm, but I fully plan on wearing the other versions as well very soon.
You see, that's the great thing about a fitting dress: you have three ways to style it! Just changing shoes is sometimes not enough and that's why I always check whether I can wear a dress not only on its own but also as a skirt or a top. Try this with your dresses, I'm sure you will come up with great new ways of wearing them!
Love, Jules

The basic dress
 1) basic dress with some golden pumps:

2) Dress as a skirt plus a loose fitting sweater for everyday wear. As shoes I chose leather boots with a heel from Invito:

3) Dress as a top. Just add a skirt and you're good to go. Paired this combination with some studded mouse flats from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

What do you guys think?

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