September 17, 2013

Movies we like

Being kind of addicted to anything having to do with moving images, there is no surprise in us having favourite movies:  

1) 500 days of summer – Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What else do you need to be convinced? 
2) The boy in the striped pyjama – A story that won’t leave your mind for a very long time. 
3) Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton is my hero, how he makes you fall in love with this man with scissors for hands!
4) The Bourne Identity – I should find a man who makes me feel as safe as Matt Demon does, taking action movies to an entire new level!

1) The Avengers – All of my all time favourite super heroes mashed together in one movie? YES!
2) Kill Bill – Quentin Tarantino at his best!
3) Alice in Wonderland – Tim Burton and his, well let’s say, special mind, his movies are always great, but Alice is the cherry on top.
4) Pride and Prejudice – Yep, even I like girly movies. And from my point of view, Keira Knightley is one of the most beautiful actresses on earth!

Curious? go check out! That site has EVERY movie on it. :)

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