September 24, 2013

New apartment

Last week, I moved to a new apartment in Leuven (Belgium) where I'll be living during the week to study psychology at the catholic university of Leuven. I used to live in Antwerp with my parents and sister, but the distance between Antwerp and Leuven is too big so that's why I'm living alone at this moment.

I'm really happy with this apartment. Last year, Julia lived here but as you probably know by now, she's going to study dentistry in Germany so she had to find a new renter. I had so many good memories at this place and our year together in Leuven, so I just had to get this apartment!
Everything's very simple, but it's clean and I've everything I need. Like I said, I just moved here and it'll take some time to give it a more personal look, but I'm also a bit proud of it at this time. :)


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