January 30, 2014

People who inspire us - MacMatre

Today I finally had my last exam, so glad they are over! I’m literally exhausted at this moment but I’m counting down the days until I leave for Copenhagen! Julia also had her last exam today, so now we can hopefully both post more things at our blog again, I really missed it!

I would like to use this occasion to introduce a new section to our blog: people who inspire us. When I’m laying in bed at night or just enjoying some free time, I love to browse the internet, looking for interior inspiration, nice recipes to try, new clothes or just reading stories about people I admire. I thought I would be fun to share some of our favorite blogs or people to look up to. (Hope you like the idea, Julia!) Feel free to share your own!

© MacMatre

Today, we start with MacMatre!

MacMatre is a young Norwegian mother and design lover. She started the blog when her family moved into a new house. They worked really hard to make there interior just the way they wanted and did a lot of the work themselves. It has been a long time since the blog was updated (about 4 months), but she posts a lot of pictures at her instagram account and I really love them. As most of you will probably know by now, I'm a huge fan of the Scandinavian interior design. This is definitely one of my favorite houses I've ever seen. And by the way, not only there interior looks perfect, but when I look at the other pictures at instagram for example, it juts seems as if MacMatre has the perfect life. Seeing them, I already start dreaming about moving there someday! :)
Hope you like it!

Beautiful birthday party for her little girl - © MacMatre

Isn't this just the luckiest kid in the world?! - © MacMatre

Shopping in Norway… gotta love it! - © MacMatre

I could definitely work there! - © MacMatre 

Kitchen - © MacMatre

Beautiful sofa! - © MacMatre

© MacMatre

Christmas tree - © MacMatre
Want to see more pictures? Visit:

Thanks for reading!
Love, Louise

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