January 28, 2014

Outfit of the day

I just had my fourth exam and I'm so so glad this one's done! It really was a hell to study, well, it was interesting but very difficult and lots of details to remember and study by heart, so I had a lot of stress for today! There's not much time to relax because my next exam is on thursday, but that will be the last one so I'm really counting down till the holidays! I actually have the bad habit of studying late at the evening or during the night and I always wake up pretty early, which makes me very tired at this moment. I guess I'm going to sleep for some hours this afternoon before starting to study again! Nevertheless I really wanted to post something today, so here are just some pictures of my outfit of the day. When I study I usually just wear some comfy clothes, perfect for sitting at your desk for many hours. A lot of times, I'm thinking about what I'm going to wear for my next exam or just trying on some of them. We all need our study breaks, don't we? :)

I'm wearing a blue pants with a black sort of snake-pattern (Zara), a black blouse by Modström, an amazing Danish design label, black nike sneakers and a dark gray scarf by LN Beanies, designed by the wonderful Antwerp based designer Ellen Kegels. I got this scarf for my birthday last month and literally have been wearing him almost every day! You should really check out all the other beautiful 100% alpaca knitwear: LN Andes & LN Beanies!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Louise

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