January 06, 2014

5 things

Everyone should do this: make sure you get 5 pictures every week of things you did just for yourself, things you like, just to enjoy your life. It also helps to remind yourself how beautiful life is and what things you can do, whether for yourself, your friends or others. Just try it!

Skiing trip between Christmas and New Year - Ending this vacation with the perfect weather!!! #Flims #skiing #littlebrother #besttime (J)

YAY - My teenage days are over! :) Pancakes are the best lunch when you have to study on your birthday! (L)

Amazing view in Flims, Switzerland. I can't wait to go back there! (J)
My brother's girlfriend made this amazing dessert for NYE, can't get enough of it! (J)

Wonderful NYE with some amazing friends! (L)

Jules en Lou

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