January 08, 2014

Music Saturday - FAUVE

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love. This week: FAUVE - Blizzard.

I discovered this band last week when a friend send me a song for my birthday and really loved them after the first minute of the song. Not only for their music, but also the lyrics (you should really look try to translate them, every song has a beautiful meaning!) and their album art: very simple and yet intriguing. This is a perfect example of an EP you should really listen to with some good headphones, you'll enjoy! I definitely do! :)

FAUVE is a French arts collective of music and videography established in 2010 in Paris. The band also uses the "not equal to" sign . The act depends mostly on story telling through acting, through the spoken word and with interesting musical accompaniment. Fauve has ist own record label called Fauve Corp.

Fauve is made up of five main members including four musicians: a vocalist, a guitar player, a bass player and a drummer. There's also a video artist who produces music and videos. During their media appearances, they like to keep a certain anonymity and mystery about their origins.

The name of the band is inspired from the "Les Nuits fauves", a French drama film and semi-autobiographical novel by Cyril Collard.

The collective became known through its online postings and found almost immediate success. On 20 May 2013, the band released its debut EP, Blizzard, of the best of the best of their productions. It made the French Top 20 in its first week of release and two of the tracks appeared in the French Singles Chart.

Here's a little part of the lyrics of 'Blizzard':
Tu l'entends? Bien sûr que tu l'entends;                                         
le murmure; le murmure assourdissant et permanent,
il a envahit le ville et les esprits,
il arpente les rues en hurlant.
Le murmure assourdissant et permanent,
Comme un bruit parasite à l'intérieur
Qui t'épuise et qui souffre à l'oreille de chacun:
T'es mauvais, bon à rien, tu s'ras jamais assez bien"
Qui te répète "T'es comme ça ou tu devrais,
ça changerait rien si tu changeais"
Le murmure assourdissant et permanent
qui espère te mettre à terre en te criant:
"Essaie pas de refaire l'histoire,
t'y arriveras jamais c'est trop tard,
c'est baisé, c'est imprimé dans les mémoires"

Roughly translated:
Do you hear it? Of course you hear it;
the murmur, the deafening and permanent murmur,
it has taken over the city and the spirits,
it wanders the streets screaming.
The deafening and permanent murmur
like a parasitic noise inside you 
that consumes you and whispers in everyone's ear:
"you're no good, you're good for nothing, you'll never be good enough",
That repeats to you "you're like that, or you should be,
nothing would change if you changed."
The deafening and permanent murmur
that hopes to put you down by shouting:
"Don't try to rewrite history,
you'll never be able to because it's too late,
it's a done deal, it's imprinted in the memories."

Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Lou

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