January 13, 2014


NoiseTrade is definitely one of my favorite websites. It is a great way to discover new music, get bonus tracks of the artists you love or support new artists. 

This morning I had my first exam of this year: statistics, which is one of the most difficult ones I have, given only 10% of all the people succeeds. I've been studying like hell over the past few weeks, with some nights only a few hours of sleep, but the exam still didn't go as well as I hoped.. Pretty frustrating but there's no time to keep thinking about it because my next exam is thursday! 

My favorite way to relax after a day of studying or an exam, is listening to music. Well actually, I'm listening to music almost every hour of the day! Of course I have my favorite CDs where I can keep listening to, but I also love to discover new music. NoiseTrade is perfect for that.

It's a website where artist can upload an album, EP, single or live recording. Within minutes, their content is available for discovery and download. And it's completely legal and free for both artists and fans. In return for their music, artists get email addresses of the people who downloaded their songs, so they can build their fan email list. Artist meet fan, Fan meet artist. You can always leave a tip to support the artist. 

Some artists featured on NoiseTrade:
     - Fun
     - Josh Garrels
     - Passenger
     - The Lumineers
     - Boy & Bear
     - Sleeping at Last
and many, many more!

Here is the website: NoiseTrade

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

After this little break it's time to start studying again, next exam: social psychology, a lot of details I have to study by heart, but luckily it's really interesting! 

Thanks for reading!
Love, Lou

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