November 26, 2013

Wish list

Now that the holiday season is getting closer, everybody starts thinking about the things we're going to put on our wish list. Are you curious what's on ours?

I usually find difficulties making such a list. With my birthday between Christmas and New Year, I always get all my presents at once. Sometimes it's fun so you can ask one big present, but actually I would prefer it when it was a bit more separated. During the year, I think of many things I would love to get as a present, but I always forget to write them down so I end up in troubles when my family or friends ask me what they should get for me.
To prevent it this year, I made a board on Pinterest so I could pin the things I wanted to get. Here you have a small collection of my wishes.

1. Kaleido - Hay: As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of the Scandinavian design and more specific the Danish design brand, Hay. I bought two of them myself but would love to expand my collection. - Buy here
2. Black Pendant - Konplott: I do not wear so many necklaces, but I really like this simple design. I got to know this brand when I was visiting Julia in Aachen, Germany (where she used to live with her family). She was telling about her favorite jewelry shop and of course I had to see it! I bought some amazing earrings and can't stop myself from looking at the web shop from time to time :) - Buy here
3. DLM - Hay: Isn't this just the cutest side table?! - Buy here
4. Wreck this Journal - Keri Smith: This book is a perfect gift for anyone who's ever had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook. It features a collection of prompts, asking readers  to muster up their best mistakes and mess-making abilities and to fill the pages of the book (or destroy them). It just looks like so much fun to do this! - Buy here
5. Design Letters - Arne Jacobsen: If you drink as much coffee as I do, thanks to Julia's influence last year :), you'll never have enough cups. - Buy here
6. Clic wooden case - Uncovet: In case I'll never become less clumsy.. - Buy here
7. Goed Gemutst - LNBeanies: It's a fact, I love scarves and have a lot of them. I made the agreement with myself to stop buying them so much and really want to start making them myself. This book is perfect for this. It's written by a young girl from Antwerp (Belgium) who started knitting her scarves herself for about 10 years ago. She became very popular in Belgium over the past few months, you should really check her website: LNBeanies - Buy here

For me, there won't be a lot of presents this year for christmas. I wanted a large backpack for travelling and, man, are they expensive! I went to buy one with my mum (I had to test them all! But I won't get him until christmas eve ;) ) and got a 55+10 Liters. But because of this really big present, there is only a limited budget left for other presents and sadly I won't be able to make a wishlist this year. But what I really, really want is a photo album so I can put anything worth memorizing in it from my first year in Regensburg. Thus, it's more or less like a scrapbook. I found exactly the system I want on this site: You choose what color you want to have as cover and then what color the pages are going to have and how many you want. You will be able to add or take out as many pages as you want since the album is holding together thanks to screws. On this site you can also find cool gadgets such as letter stamps or punchers just to make your photo album, or should I say scrapbook, even more special!

Inside Paper

How great does this one look??!!!

If you're on Pinterest too, do not hesitate to check out our profiles: Julia Erbe & Louise Van den Meutter

Thanks for reading!

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