November 16, 2013

Music Saturday - Darkside

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love. This week: Darkside - Psycho

Darkside is the collaboration of electronic musician Nicolas Jaar and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington. They first met while they were both students at Brown University. Harrington started as a third musician for Jaar's live band to support Jaar's 2011 album Space Is Only Noise.
Darkside first formed during a Berlin stop on this tour. Jaar and Harrington started writing in their hotel room together. Upon returning to New York, they continued to write together, developing their sound in their Brooklyn studio.

Darkside's debut album Psychic was released on October 4, 2013. The album was recorded over the course of two years between Jaar's home in New York City, Harrington's family barn in Upstate New York, and a space in Paris where they would stay between tours.

Track List:
1. Golden Arrow
2. Sitra
3. Heart
4. Paper Trails
5. The Only Shrine I've Seen
6. Freak, Go Home
7. Green Light
8. Metatron

Jaar has described the project as Blues-oriented and more guitar influenced than his previous work, stating in an interview with i-D magazine that Darkside is "the closest thing to rock & roll I've ever done."

Pitchfork Review

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