November 09, 2013

Music Saturday - Angus And Julia Stone

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love. This week: Angus and Julia Stone Down the Way

Angus and Julia Stone are brother and sister from Sydney, Australia who play folk-blues. Their Album Down the Way debuted No. 1 at the ARIA album charts and is now Triple platinum in Australia and Platinum France.

I personally like this album because it is very calm but, oh, so passionate! I love just lying in bed listening to it, either snuggled up in a blanket with hot cocoa next to me or just someone special :)
But I also have to admit that I like studying while listening to it, which may sound weird since its very relaxing music, but it is just that kind of music that you can also use as background music which makes you even more focused on the books and books stacked up in front of you. I just never tire listening to them! And that means a lot considering we were studying a lot the past half year and actually, this album and Bad Blood from Bastille and Night Visions from Imagine Dragons were the only three albums I was always listening to.

My favourite song has to be Yellow Brick Road, No. 6 on CD 1. It's a tough call, but I checked, that's the song I listened to the most. I really like the part where he sings:
"And then the weather man came on the radio 
Said there'll be sunshine 
Then all the colors of the rainbow 
Fell in my mind"

Fun fact: Their parents were folk singers and played before Angus and Julia were even born. I guess they had contact with music and rhythm even before they got out of their diapers!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Jules

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