November 09, 2013

Budapest - Day 2

As I already told you guys on monday, I went to Budapest with two friends for the weekend.
On our second day we went to the Pest side of Budapest and visited the inner city.

Our first stop was the Marketplace where we stayed for 1 and a 1/2 hours! We were completely absorbed by all the food they had there. I found myself looking at all the spices over and over again. I also bought their famous pepper spices, both sweet and spicy. I also had to buy a "Baumstriezel" or "Kürtőskalács" which is a chimney cake for the english speaking people under you ;) they taste really sweet and they are rolled a special way so that if you pull of one end it can be rolled off until the other end without a break.

Afterwards we did a little bit of shopping, although I didn't buy anything (I think that it's more important having money for food than spending it on clothes ;) ). We walked through downtown and then went to Leopoldcity, another district and my personal favourite one. There, you also have those old buildings but everything is clean and really looks like you are in Paris.


Pest inner city


Leopold city

Parliament, sadly enough there were construction sites everywhere


A nice typical hungarian restaurant

Typical hungarian dish, it was really, really good.

Chain bridge by night

How cool does this look?

Thanks for reading!
Love, Jules

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