October 01, 2013

New In: Grace - A Memoir

Although we both like to read, reading is something that you do less and less the older you become. You cannot simply crawl up in your bed and read during the week since you have to work or study. And normally in the evening you're to beat to pick up a book and really read it (and by really we mean not just turning the pages and rereading every sentence ten times before you go on). Also, saturdays and sundays you do stuff with your friends and families so that's also not the best time. Well, the list goes on and on.
But with this book it's different. Grace - A Memoir, is not really hard to read and the content is not difficult to understand. Nevertheless, it's very entertaining, beautiful, charming and fun! So, what is it about?

The book is written by Grace Coddington, creative director at American Vogue and a fashion icon. In this book she tells everything from growing up, her modelling years, working for Vogue and working with famous photographers and models. And, of course, she also talks about THE fashion legend of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. Every chapter is supported by illustrations done by herself and often a lot of photos, some from shoots with certain photographers, some from her private albums.

Grace - A memoir sums up everything Grace Coddington has done in her life, working in the fashion industry for the past forty years.

It is such a sweet book, where you can see that someone put a lot of thoughts in it. It is a definite recommendation for you guys!

Fun fact: In which Grace tells about her big, heavy tote bag she carried to every shooting she was cast as a model, in which she would carry all her props.
In it you would find: makeup, wigs and hairpieces, hairpins and hair lacquer, gloves of all length, fine stockings in beige and black, safety pins, a sewing kit, false eyelashes, false nails, nail varnish, an A to Z of London, a large bottle of aspirin, pennies for the phone, a book, some kind of knitting or a tapestry, an apple, a sandwich, stiletto pumps, costume jewelry, push-up bra and heated hair rollers.
Nowadays someone would maybe use all this to go on a two weeks vacation!

Thanks for reading!

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