October 25, 2013

DIY: Earrings

I finally found a way to use those annoying red coins!

What you need:
- Some red coins
- Nail lacquer
- Textile glue
- Ear studs

Start by applying the nail lacquer to the coins. You might need to use several layers, depending on the quality of the lacquer.

Now it's time to apply the ear-studs to the coins. Put a drop of the glue on top of the stud and place it in the middle of the coin. Apply some pressure and let the glue dry for some hours (I waited a day to wear the earrings to make sure the studs were well attached). 

Once the glue has dried completely, you're ready to wear your earrings!

Thanks for reading, have fun! If you make these earrings yourself, post a picture at instagram using #orbitaroundreality so we can see them! :)

Love, Louise

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