October 12, 2013

Music Saturday: Forest Swords

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love.
This week: Forest Swords - Engravings

Forest Swords is the stage name of Matthew Barnes, an English music producer and artist. His debut album, Engravins, was released through Tri Angle Records on 26 August 2013. The album was recived very well by the public. Pitchfork Media gave it 8,5/10 and awarded it with "Best new music". 

"Every song is boldly sensual, and each note has a distinct emotional hue. Mixing that intensity with dream-like atmospheres lands Engravings in a unique emotional space". - Pitchfork Media

Track list:
1. Ljoss
2. Thor's stone
3. Irby Tremor
4. Onward
5. The Weight of Gold
6. An Hour
7. Anneka's Battle
8. Gathering
9. The Plumes 
10. Friend, you will never learn

I have to admit their music may sound a bit special in the beginning, but still I'm a huge fan! You should really listen to this album with a good headphone and don't be afraid to put your volume up. I'm really looking forward to their show in Brussels in February!

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