December 02, 2013

Things we love... Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet

So I was just browsing through some blogs I followed and I stumbled upon this article where a very famous blogger (Kristina Bazan, who does not know her?) talked about this very interesting show and I thought that it sounded very interesting. After I had watched the first episode, I was mind blown. Seriously, those women talk about everything and have such incredible views on life! All the women are so strong and lead such amazing lives that you really have to pick up a pen and start writing down what they say. Well, that's at least what I did.

Their topics are love, loss, the future, whether you should wait for the right man on the white hope, how money can free yourself, and and and. Seriously, everything I have talked about with my girls is a topic on the show.
And what made it even more special was the fact that this weekend, while Louise was visiting me in Regensburg and we were watching an episode, we both had to laugh a lot because they were really adressing those issues we both have been dealing with and it felt so good knowing that you're not actually crazy because you think about certain things.

Here are some quotes from three women I do adore a lot:

Jane Fonda:
"Sexuality is like the glue that can hold [two people] toghether through rough times"
"Know what you want and be able to let go of the things you don't want"
"Key is knowing who you are"
"I'm not just whatever the man wants me to be"

Sarah Silverman:
"It often happens that you are this strong independent woman and you meet the love of your life and he's attracted to you because you are this strong independent woman but somehow lost in the years of this relationship you don't even know what phoneservice you use."
"You're responsible for your own happiness"

Lady Gaga:
"I have begun to cherish my loneliness"
"There's no way of convincing people of your greatness, you have to know on the inside"
"Knife-fight your way to your dream"

I really hope that you guys check it out, and let me know whether you liked it or not :)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Jules

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