December 08, 2013

New in: LNBeanies

Yesterday I bought this beautiful hand knitted beanie by the young Belgian designer Ellen Kegels, entirely made of Peruvian baby alpaca yarn. I'm totally ready for the cold winter days!

Even my key has a little beanie, bought to support a good cause in Belgium.

LNAndes is a young and cozy Belgian brand founded in 2011 by Ellen Kegels, a 26 year old entrepreneur living in Antwerp, Belgium. The brand stands for Luxury Alpaca Knitwear. In 2003, Ellen started off knitting custom-made beanies for family and friends during her studies in communication science. She worked in advertising for a year, where she learned a lot about how to create a brand and make it work. Which started as a hobby almost 10 years ago is now a genuine warm and hearty love-brand.

© Griet Hendrickx

The LNAndes collection consists of beautiful hand-knitted scarves in 11 different colors and 3 different sizes, namely the Big Bertha, Long Lucy and Mini Maria, as well as matching hand-crocheted baggy beanies, all made out of 100% baby Alpaca. New this winter is the first LNAndes vest, namely the Cosy Charlene.

To produce the scarves, vests and beanies, LNAndes collaborated with the Solid International goodwill organization DIA in Ayacucho, Peru. The collection is all handmade by young mothers in Peru, giving them an opportunity to work in humane conditions and a team of grannies in Belgium. The fact that it is all handmade with care makes every piece unique: no mass production, no child labour, pure-blood quality and definitely worth their price!

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Haha, I really love those animals! :) © Griet Hendrickx

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© Griet Hendrickx

New this winter is the possibility of buying your very own 100% Peruvian baby alpaca LNBeanies yarn. The yarn collection consists of all LNBeanies collection colors, namely 5 returning winter colors and 10 new winter seasonal colors. 'Goedgemutst' is a 168 pages thick paper-back DIY book (only available in Dutch). The first part will sketch you the very beginning of LNBeanies and LNAndes. The second part will literally teach you how to knit and crochet with handy drawings and step-by-step guidelines, since you'll be needing this to start with the third part. This part consists of 31 LNBeanies patterns for you to knit. From beanies to scarves, to mittens, to baby socks, …
With the LNBeanies 'Goedgemutst' book & baby alpaca yarn, you'll be able to knit your very own LNBeanies!

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Want to get some beautiful LN Beanies knitwear yourself? Visit the pop up store in Antwerp (open until December 30) or order something from the official web shop here

Thanks for reading!
Love, Lou

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