December 28, 2013

5 things

Everyone should do this: make sure you get 5 pictures every week of things you did just for yourself, things you like, just to enjoy your life. It also helps to remind yourself how beautiful life is and what things you can do, whether for yourself, your friends or others. Just try it!

Super cosy Christmas eve at home with the best family! Hihi, soooo many presents! :)

On our way to the Christmas party with my big family! Yes, when you live in Belgium, having to drive for 1,5 hours is a long way :)
Finished my first handmade knitwear. I'm ready for this winter!
Biggest love for my little niece! My heart just melted when she came to me to say she wanted to become exactly like me when she grows up! :)
Third Christmas party - At the wonderful new apartment of my sister and her boyfriend in Antwerp

Julia is on a little ski trip with her family so there are no pictures of her this week, but we'll definitely make it up to you ! :)


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