April 23, 2014

Quinoa - Superfood

Quinoa became very popular over the past few months, which is very understandable, given it's so delicious, contains exceptionally high nutritional value, vitamins and minerals, it is extremely easy to prepare and versatile in use.

Last week, I made this delicious quinoa salad - Just cook the quinoa for about 5 minutes in water, add tomatoes, olives, cucumber, avocado, bell pepper, some lemon juice, cumin, black pepper and fresh cilantro and you get a delicious, healthy meal!

Thanks to the many health benefits, quinoa is suitable for everyone: people who want to lose weight, vegetarians, diabetics, sporters, babies, ADHD patients and so on.

Since I'm struggling with some serious food allergies, it's sometimes difficult to find a way to get enough vitamins and nutritions. I can't eat many fruits, any nuts or soy-containing products. My doctor told me about quinoa and since then, I've been eating it a lot. When you just brows the internet for a few minutes (like for example pinterest, my all time favorite!), you'll find countless recipes, going from soups and appetizers to main courses, breakfast and even delicious deserts.

Quinoa is not a type of grain, but a plant, used by the Inca's like rice. It's a good alternative for the excess wheat products in our present habit of nourishment, given it's easier for our body to be digested than normal wheat.

Why is quinoa so healthy?
- Quinoa contains a lot of proteins.
- Quinoa contains a lot of fibers.
- Quinoa has a low glycemic index.
- Quinoa contains lots of healthy fats.
- Quinoa is gluten free.

Last week I bought this amazing cookbook, filled with 75 fast and healthy quinoa recipes. I'll definitely post some more recipes that I've cooked really soon! :)

I bought this cookbook last week, but it's already my favorite one! :)
Well just to some up, eating quinoa had a lot of benefits and no disadvantages, so why wouldn't you try it?! Start browsing the internet and I'm sure you'll find lots of recipes you like. 
Bon Appetit! :)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Louise

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