May 05, 2014

Music Saturday - Mø

Wow, it has been a very long time since I've presented the last CD to you. My apologies! I just had such a busy schedule over the past few weeks and time really flew by! It's rather scary: only 3 weeks left and my exam period starts again which means the school year is almost over. And I still have the feeling everything has just begun...

Since it has been so long, I'm presenting to you one of my currently favorite albums: Mø - No Mythologies to Follow.

If you know me just a little, you'll definitely know I'm a huuuuge fan of Scandinavia and everything that has something to do with it: the clothes, food, interior design, architecture, lifestyle and also the music, like for example The Tough Alliance, CEO, Air France, Efterklang, The Radio Dept., JJ and so on. A few weeks ago, I was looking for some new music and suddenly found this amazing album by the Danish singer-songwriter Karen Marie ørsted, better known as Mø.

In 2012 Mø released her debut single "Maiden".  Mø's debut studio album, No Mythologies to Follow, was released on 7 March 2014.

Pitchfork about the album: "The albums sound is one that's equally as indebted to the forward-thinking Scandinavian pop scene she comes from, as it is to the sounds of Southern rap and modern bass music. It's the kind of output you'd expect from an artist who's grown up with instant, unlimited access to music from every corner of the globe. This melting-pot approach pervades No Mythologies to Follow, which was produced almost entirely by Ronni Vindahl, a fellow Dane who makes up one-half of No Wav., the production team that includes Robin Hannibal, aka the dude responsible for the sensuous, restrained arrangements found on last year's debut from Rhye, Woman."

Pitchfork article: MØ - No Mythologies to Follow

Thanks for reading, hope you like the music! :)
Love, Louise

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