April 15, 2014

Jogging - A little inspiration

I just picked up jogging again and although it's not going too well (5km is not that great :/) I do love being outside just powering through a workout! And the feeling you get afterwards? You feel great! You feel as if you could enter in a Victoria's Secret runway show! Okay not really but you can at least eat a donut guilt free ;)
So here is some inspiration for going outside and run. Whether you can run 5km, 10km or even a complete marathon, the most important thing is having fun!

I love the lookbooks from Nike! Not only do they have incredible garments for running, but their pictures always want you to just grab your running shoes and go outside, don't you think?

London, 2012
The ultimate goal is, of course, a marathon. From that I am far far away but looking at the pictures I really really want to run one one day...

And here is one of my biggest idols: Chrissie Wellington! She is not a classical marathon runner, but a four time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. She became a pro quite late in her life, but only one year after she had turned pro she won the World Championship! She is amazing and her story is pretty amazing too! I just finished reading her biography and I love it! If you are into Triathlons, I think it's a must read, but even when you're not really interested in the sport, it's a great read since it shows what can happen if you never give up.

Thanks for reading!
Love, Jules

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