March 01, 2014

Music Saturday - Arsenal

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love. This week: Arsenal - Lotuk

Arsenal is an electronic music duo consisting of Belgian musicians Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan. Since their debut single 'Release' in 1999, Arsenal have released four albums, collaborating with a wide range of international singers and musicians. Whilst rooted in electronic dance music, Arsenal have incorporated numerous other genres of music into their albums, from African and Latin American rhythms to pop, hip hop and indie rock.Taking their name from a World War II weapons depository located next to their studio in Brussels, Belgium, Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan started out with their debut EP 'Release' issued in 1999 on the Antwerp based Wally's Groove World label and subsequently licensed by the Ibiza label Café del Mar for their 'Chill-Out House' compilation.
Characterised by a much more upbeat pop sound, Lotuk saw Arsenal championed in the United States by the likes of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton: "Like A Fine Glass Of Merlot: It's pretty. It's cool. It's perfect for your next mix-CD!" and rapper Kanye West keeps it short and simple: "Amazing!!!".

In Belgium, there aren't that many good music groups (in my opinion) but Arsenal is one to be proud of. There music has a very original sound which will always put me in a good mood. It had been a very long time since I had listened to this album but when I saw this album in my CD rack last week, lots of good memories came back to me. Definitely worth listening to it!

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