July 26, 2014

Music Saturday: Cats on Trees

Every week again... we're presenting another album of bands or singers we currently love. This week: Cats on Trees - Cats on Trees

Cats on trees is a musical duo from France formed in 2007 by Nina Goern and Yohan Hennequin. Their self-titled album was released in 2013. 

"Their music is a combination of essential essences in the history of music, from shamanism to romanticism, the heartbeats and the saunters of the soul." -http://catsontrees.com/en

I had this CD for quite some time on my iPod, but had totally forgotten about it. I had even forgotten how it got there, then it hit me! Louise had lend me their CD several months ago, I had put it in iTunes with the intention of listening to it, but - and this happens quite often - never did. Up until two weeks ago. And I must say, their music is perfect for summer time! It is breezy, light, has a good feel and doesn't annoy you after playing it again and again. It's the perfect CD for the next few months and I really hope it won't be the last one those two recorded. 

Thanks for reading,
Love Jules

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